Build Exchange

March 15 - 18, 2020 Nashville, TN

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March 15 - 18, 2020
Duration: 3 Days



“The Builder Exchange allowed me the time to focus on the products, trends and national suppliers.  The time I spent in those two days was much more focused than I would have had at my office.  Much fewer distractions than at the office and you can begin meaningful conversations.  It was very informative and I would recommend it to another builder or supplier.”
- Dan Ryan Builders

“Great avenue for builders and suppliers to create relationships and cut costs while improving products.  Excellent concept and format! “
- Southern Home Builders

“We can get more accomplished in two days (at Builder Exchange) than we could do in 6-9 months in the office.” 
- Southern Homes of Polk County

“Better than the IBS, it’s a mini trade show that allows you to forge relationships with several suppliers you want to meet with as well as take a look at new products without the heavy sales pitch.”  
- Southern Home Builders

“Well run event, excellent idea and exactly what this industry needs! “ 
- Bennett Homes

“This has been a great event to meet National and Regional sales reps for some products we use and some we will investigate more.  Also a good place to network with other builders across the country, and to compare notes and ideas.” 
- Legend Homes Corp

“Very worthwhile.  Great job!” 
- Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company

“At first I was skeptical, however I was truly impressed.” 
- Schumacher Homes

“A great opportunity to interact with suppliers and really get to know their products.“
 - Homes by Towne

“Very well organized meetings.” 

“Excellent event!  Very well run and a great return on investment of my time!” 

“Awesome venue and use of time!” 
- Red Door Homes

“Excellent Program.  The individual meeting format is great.”  
- Cook Bonner Construction

“Excellent.  Well worth the trip and the time.  The event is 1st class, and most of the reps for the suppliers were great to talk to and hang out with.”  
- Southern Homes of Polk County

“Awesome event.  Exchange Events staff did an awesome job.  Very well organized and extremely professional.  This event is a no-brainer for builders and manufacturers."  

“Great job, great people to work with, I would like to be invited back!”  
- Granite Ridge Builders

“This has been an excellent use of my time.  I could not have met with this amount of vendors in a month back at my office.  Great experience! “  
- Hewett Homes

“Very productive trip.  Achieved more here than at the Builder Show.”  
- Payne & Payne

“Great way to make personal contacts & create lasting business relationships.”  
- Carefree Homes

“Excellent program.  Really enjoyed it.  Fantastic opportunity to meet directly with manufacturer reps and have some quality meaningful discussions.” 
- Fulford Homes

“Very informative.  It was refreshing to talk directly to manufacturers we have used for years and build a direct partnership with them.”  
- Flagship Homes

“It was a nice change to the typical trade shows we attend.  The networking opportunities are priceless.”  
- Shea Homes

“Very positive experience.  Much better than IBS.”  
- Carefree Homes

“Overall great place to meet one on one.  Short time, but enough to get shown products and services offered in many areas.”  
- Carefree Homes

“In this time when everyone is trying to do more with less, the Builder Exchange offers the ability for builders to have meaningful discussions with several suppliers in a short time frame.” 
- Potterhill Homes

“This is a great venue to have open discussions with potential new business partners as well as maintain open dialogue with existing trade partners.  I attended last year’s event and this year had twice as many builders and suppliers.”  
- LGI Homes

“This event provided great opportunities to explore new purchasing relationships.” 
- Grayhawk Homes

“It was a great opportunity to investigate new products from current business partners as well as perspective business partners.” 
- Homes of Integrity

- Brookfield Homes

"Very efficient forum to explore and evaluate products and services and offers the ideal environment to establish relationships with potential vendors"
 - Purchasing Services Manager, Ryland 

"A great way to consolidate intro meetings with a vast spectrum of products."
 - Ashton Woods

"This was a well run program oriented to conducting business. Much better than any of the industry trade shows. The networking was fantastic."
 - Builder Partnerships

"What a fantastic event! Format was great. Gave us an opportunity to make new connections as well as do some business."
 - Keystone 

"Excellent. Well run. I loved it!"
 - Sedgewick Homes

"This has been a great event. I hope to come back again. This will lead to a lot of new partnerships."
 - Goodall Homes 

"Great experience! I am much more inclined to purchase products from these meetings than from attending the IBS show."
 - Peter Davis Builders

"Excellent use of my time. Quality meetings during the day and great opportunities in the free time to network and solidify relationships. I am much more likely to do business with a vendor/supplier that I met at the event."
- Homes by Dickerson


"Very effective use of time and resources.  20-minute meetings were excellent – great format."
 - Kohler Co.

"What a great opportunity to have highly focused professional discussions."
 - Creative Touch Interiors

“A rare opportunity to talk to builders and make a personal connection.“ -  Fakro America LLC

“We had the opportunity to meet with new builders in a highly structured way and make connections.“ 
– Schneider Electric

“This was our first time and it was definitely worth every penny.” 
- Emser Tile

“An invaluable opportunity to meet 20+ key purchasing decision-makers in two days that could take 6 months to accomplish.”  
- Armstrong World Industries

“Great interaction between Suppliers and Builders.  Eliminated the barriers of travel and time.”  
- Carrier Corporation

“A 20 minute speed date is the ideal amount of time and this event was more beneficial than I anticipated.  We will 
realize a quick return on our investment from one builder alone.” 
- Wayne Dalton

“Great mix of large, medium and small Builders.  This was a great event to meet with key decision makers building homes across the country. This event is beneficial for all building material companies of all sizes.” 
– Icynene

“One on One meetings are true relationship building events.” – ClosetMaid

“What a great alternative to trade shows.  We were more effective with just a few meetings than we were with hundreds of trade show drive by’s.” 
– Delta Stone Products

“For a supplier not currently in the residential market, this was a great way to learn and assess the opportunity.” 
– Metropolitan Air Technology

“Very productive meetings with a wide range or Builders.” 
– Simpson Strong Tie

“Once again, the opportunity to spend structured and open time with builders we don’t normally have a chance to touch. This is a great format. Could not begin to touch this many current potential customers for 10 times the cost.  Superbly organized.  Great people to deal with."
 – Schlage Lock Company

“Great venue, efficient use of time.  Great way to connect with lots of Builders. Well planned and organized.  Very cost effective event.”
– Schlage Lock Company

“Have an opportunity to connect, have meaningful conversations and explore relationship opportunities together in a dedicated and controlled environment.  More than surpassed my expectations for this event.  We will be back! “
– Pella Corporation

“Very effective use of my time.“ 
– Jeld-Wen

"Builder Exchange is very different from a trade show.  Rather than standing in an exhibit floor, hoping that a potential customer will stop by, this event provided the opportunity for us to pre-schedule meetings with the buyers we really wanted to meet with - we were positioned for success and we are already enjoying great results!"
 - SkyeTec

"Excellent opportunity to meet with so many different types of buyers and offer solutions to their issues."
 - Broan - Nutone

"Efficient. Effective. Justifiable ROI!"
 - Danze & Gerber

"This has been a tremendously successful event for us. Great investment, great meetings! Enjoyed the seminars. Beautiful venue as well."
 - Schlage 

"A superior format to trade shows!"
 - Philips Lighting

"Awesome. Money well spent and specifically targeted. I can easily gauge the return on the investment. The rest is up to me to follow up and close."
 - Nisus Corporation

"Great opportunity to network - made several connections very quickly and easily with top decision makers." 
- W.R. Grace & Co.

"Truly valuable experience! I wish to do it for years to come."
 - Sanspa Five Star

Well worth the money! 
- Copper Creek