“After two days of appointments we had 8 solid new customers, we made some new friends and learned a lot of useful information. My personal take away was that this event, because of the quality of the attendees and event organization, was a 10. Astoundingly better results than 4 days at the international workboats show!!”  

 -Win-Tron Electronics

“This is a great and effective event, well worth the investment.” 

-Motor Services Hugo Stamp

 “Fleet Attendees were very knowledgeable and interested in discussing new products/services.” 

-Citgo Petroleum

“For us this was a very successful event. The way the meetings were set up and the caliber of the people attending the show were spot on.“ 

-American Chemical Technologies

"This is a great way for us to talk to potential customers, have a good conversation at a table where we can capture good notes, love the format!"  

-BAE Systems

 “Two days of back to back meetings with engaged buyers. Beats even the best cold calling and prospecting.” 

-Coastal Marine Equipment, Inc.

“Excellent opportunity to meet current customers and talk with new potential customers.” 


 “Excellent use of time and more effective than any trade show.” 

-Current Power Supply

 “The best marine event attended with principal owners and decision makers from a supplier perspective I have ever been involved with. Will definitely recommend this exchange event with others in the marine industry.” 

-Lufkin Industries, Inc.

 “It has been an outstanding event. Having one on one meetings with various buyers has proven to be very productive. “    

-NSSL Global, Ltd.

“This has been an excellent overall experience for me. I though the staff was great. It was well worth the money.”             

-Patterson Manufacturing

“Very good! Incredible business opportunity.” 

-Quality Shipyards

 “This an excellent opportunity to meet key players in the market and have twenty minutes of uninterrupted time. This event is much better than traditional trade shows which have too many distractions.” 

-Twin Disc



  “This event provided me with contacts and resources in an efficient accessible venue that will reap the benefits for my fleet in the coming year. It would have taken an immense amount of time to acquire this much information and get the right contacts on my own...I feel like I will make purchases based on info received here.” 

-Entertainment Cruises

“The Work Boats Exchange Event is an invaluable opportunity to network with other people from the same industry and apply or discuss these topics in a venue with the vendors available to supply solutions.”  

-McAllister Towing

“Great event at a great location.” 


“Very good event, very productive energy.” 

-Boston Harbor Cruises

 “This was a great exchange not only with vendors having the latest and greatest equipment but it was good to meet other users to get their opinions of products that are being sold that they have used.” 

-Echo Marine

“An outstanding opportunity for in house one on one meetings with suppliers. Twenty minutes is enough time to exchange information and discuss future meetings about special products or questions.” 

-Florida Marine

“Very good experience, time well spent.” 

-Gore Marine

“Great show! I look forward to attending again.” 

-IMT Lemont Shipyard

“Great show, wonderfully set up in a beautiful venue.” 

-LA Carriers

“Truly worthwhile!” 

-Penn Maritime

“Work Boats Exchange was a great venue to network efficiently in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.” 

-Quality First Marine