Multifamily Exchange

February 23 - 25, 2021

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February 23 - 25, 2021
Duration: 2 Days



“The Multi-family exchange was a great opportunity to quickly interact with individuals focused on the industry. I am looking forward to returning.” – P Christopher Dirr, The NRP Group LLC

“Excellent Experience.” – David Helfrich, Campus Works

“Provides a terrific form to efficiently meet with people I otherwise could not have.” – Colin Edelstein, NorSouth Constructs

“A comprehensive and efficient use of time.” – Dale Phillips, Mark Taylor Residential

“Excellent Opportunity to get to know national suppliers and developers/builders socially and business relationships.”
– Mark Issa, Community Investment Strategies

A much better approach to finding products that fit your needs without any wasted time. A great way to screen potential supplies to see if they will fit your business.” – Chris DiMario, Maryland Management

“This is a great one stop shop!” – Richard Bailitz, Stoneleigh Companies

“Great meeting format. Met several new contacts that will be very beneficial in the future.” – Chad Peterson, Thompson Thrift Construction

“Excellent opportunity to meet with suppliers who are well versed in the application of their products to the multifamily industry.” – David O'Leary, RDO Properties

“Great Conference, Excellent Format.” – Kurt Shillington, Princeton Properties

“I was a great way to meet 1 on 1 with the vendor and to see the latest and greatest of the companies.”
– Tony Sportelli, FPI Management

“Very Educational, The Idea is great. This venue offers a lot of education. This is a top notch organization.”
– Rene Gagner, Encore Construction

“Great Experience, Again!” – Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi, Bristol Development

“Very Positive, great People!” – Ronald Goetz, Simpson Property

“Great event. Great location. NAA should adopt this style of meeting.” – Jayme Buhlman, Peak Capital Partners

“Excellent use of my time to meet new & existing vendors to begin or further relationships.” –Bristol Development



“Great opportunity to develop business and relationships with key industry leaders.” – Dan Toppen, Rubbermaid

“I hope my competitors don’t find out about this! It really is a great event, the mix of social time/meeting time is perfect not only for building sales, but building the relationships as well.” – Jon Bailey, Wahoo Decks

“It would take me months to visit with this many decision makers, at MFE I accomplished it in two days. We will be back in 2014.” – Michael Young, Wilmar

“Great Event! Thank You.” – Bill Nettles, Professional Multifamily Redevelopment

“Great event - the one to one interaction was fantastic.” – Ronald Dutoi, Schlage Lock

“The MFE provides a relaxed yet professional environment that allows suppliers and buyers to exchange ideas and meet a number of key decision makers in a short period of time” – Bill Brzozowski, Willmar

“MFE 2013 puts us in front of the customers that we want to sell. This approach saves us money in traveling + entertaining expenses.” – Drew Denick, ABC Supply Co. Inc

“Really good event - we'll definitely be going to New Orleans for the September exchange.” – Chad Tuley, Emser

“Loved the entire program!” – Darrel Bartlett, Schlage Lock Company

“Simply put… a great use of my time” – John Diiulio, Kember Floors

“Great job!” – Pat Hightower, Dupont Tyvek

“It is the best use of our time in regards to conferences. The ability to reach our target market as a large group is incredibly beneficial!” – Brad Yocum, Allied Custom Gypsum

“The interview format is the best I’ve seen at an industry event to date. The information I gathered and shared from having each person’s undivided attention will pay huge dividends in the weeks/months ahead. Very well-run event!” –Allied Building Products

“Exchange Events provide some of our best leads every year in terms of prospects who eventually becoming customers.” –Panasonic