Wealth Investment Exchange

5/19/2019 Pasadena, CA

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May 19, 2019
Duration: 3 Days

Testimonials from past Wealth events


“A direct uninterrupted approach to gathering intelligence from diverse group of fund providers serving the investment advisors.” – Portfolio Strategist, Strategic Advisors

“This was a new meeting format for me, and it was wonderful to make contact with so many fund companies in such a short amount of time.” - Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

“Extremely well run format. The one on one’s are more effective than seminars.” – Partner, Tigress Financial Partners

“This was a very good use of time. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to discuss potential solutions for our clients’ needs that I typically don’t have time to access & consider.” – Senior Vice President, Meridian Wealth Management, LLC

“A great event for establishing meaningful relationships and contacts in a comfortable relaxed environment.” – Partner, Park Miller, LLC

“One of the best Money Manager conferences with direct access to decision maker.” – Financial advisor, Curtain Wealth

“Great opportunity to meet 1st tier product suppliers and Asset managers.” – CCO and Head Equity Trader/Analyst,  KCM Investment Advisors

“Efficient use of time. Able to be open to idea’s I may normally discard due to lack of time and/or our demands for individual meetings.” – President, Sound Financial Investment Management

“Excellent way for our company to do due diligence in today’s ‘compliance – heavy’ environment; learned new things that we can take back to our clients.” – Operation Manager, Capital Investment Management  

“This was my first speed-dating event and I wish more coordinators would provide similar events. It provides great insight into a variety of products very efficiently. The networking opportunities were fantastic! Bouncing ideas off similar likeminded individuals in a relaxed atmosphere provided me with some amazing things to implement in our firm. “ – President, Personal Money Planning

“I found the intimate nature of the exchange to be a great environment to meet new investment managers with plenty of opportunity to identify a good fit” – Managing Director, NS Capital 

“A very worthwhile forum for meeting managers with which I was unfamiliar in a relaxed atmosphere which facilitated in-depth discussion.” – COO, Cooper Family Office

"The format was conducive to both managers and advisors in terms of meetings and ample time to network”.
VP, FusionVest.

"Very effective format and great use of time.” President, Mohlman Asset Management

"The WIE has been a very efficient way to meet with many fund managers over a short period of time. The time allotted per meeting was the perfect amount of time to get a basic understanding of the fund company’s products.”
- Portfolio Analyst, Old North State Trust

"Great format – surprisingly good results." - CEO, Summit Wealth Partners

"Positive experience overall. Good format with very manageable number of attendees.” - Research Director, Edge Capital

"This event has become our primary source of identifying funds and outside managers. It is a huge asset to our firm thanks to its efficiency.” - Marketing Director/Investment Committee Member, Narwhal Capital

"I liked the diversity of the funds. I met with managers across all asset classes, strategies, etc.” - Narwhal

"Excellent concept and execution. As an RIA it allowed me to meet managers I was unfamiliar with and who could provide services I need and use. I met groups who were formerly not on my radar at all.”- President, Hochman Cole

"Great interaction and networking with other RIA firms similar to mine who are not direct competitors which allowed for open discussions.” - President, Hochman Cole

"Fully enjoyed the ability to cover multiple meetings over a short period of time. Very efficient use of time.” - Partner, Gordon Asset Management

"WIE is an excellent concept and a great opportunity to meet vendors that one may not otherwise consider.”- Principal, Hopkins Investment Management

"Well organized and well done. An impressive group of RIAs along with dozens of quality fund managers. It was an efficient and effective use of my time. Really like the structure.”- Partner/CFA, Evergreen Advisors

"Great way to learn about a lot of fund strategies at once.”- Senior Consultant, Rinet Company

"Very well run. The timing for each meeting was perfect.” - CIO, Thor Investment Management

"This was a very effective use of time!” - Founding Partner, IronGate

"Great place to open dialogues with managers.” - Partner/Investment Research, WE Family Offices

"An excellent use of my time to be able to have dozens of face to face meetings with firms representing a diverse segment of products.” - Portfolio Manager, Heller Wealth

"Positive interaction with companies that I would never have considered meeting with. Much better for really getting to know these investment managers than via big conferences.” - Managing Partner, Palantir

"The Wealth Investment Exchange provided the most time efficient process to get introduced to multiple asset managers that I have ever attended. The spectrum of firms attending was terrific and provided me an opportunity to get initial exposure to many despite being in this business for 35 years!” - Managing Principal, Centerpoint Advisors



“Great for lead generation in an efficient and pleasant environment” – Duff & Phelps Investment Management

“Efficient way for investment management firms and RIA firms to focus and interact due to excellent scheduling and selectional invitations of WIE”  – Hancock Horizon

"I have been on the distribution side of this business for 17 years and never attended a more outstanding event.” - GaveKal

"Great format for meeting new advisors. The networking opportunities provided an excellent way to meet on a more personal level.” - BMO

"WIE is a really good opportunity to have meaningful conversations with advisors and decision makers.” - Oppenheimer

"Personal meetings with high quality firms. Very well organized.” - Alerian

"Concise and productive.” - RiverNorth Capital Management

"Very productive.” - Harding Loevner

"Excellent. We’re excited to participate in future Wealth Investment Exchange events.”  - Performance Trust

"Outstanding event.” - US Global Investors

"Great use of time and solid value.” - Guggenheim

"The WIE is a really innovative concept that brings together independent investment advisors and asset management firms.” - Guinness Atkinson